Welcome to Marks Music

Since 1947 Marks Music has artfully paired thousands of students with “the perfect” instrument choice. Marks Music offers only superior quality band and orchestral instruments which will withstand the rigors of elementary school, middle school, and especially the demands of high school marching band. Instruments for beginners, step-up horns, and professional models are all available at the store. Because Marks Music services each instrument it sells, only the most reliable instruments will be sold.

The Marks Music team has been around for four generations and so have many of its customers. It is an everyday sight to see grandparents, who once studied at the store and purchased instruments in the 1940’s, who are now bringing in their grandchildren and sometimes great grandchildren for instruments and for lessons. We are proud that we have been able to be a part of their musical experiences and we are proud to have served the Shenango Valley for 64 years.