We carry a range of string instruments from violins and violas to cellos and basses.  We carry a selection in-stock and can custom order any instrument you like from Becker Instruments, our string instrument manufacturer of choice.

Becker Instruments

Every Becker instrument is rooted in tradition using time-tested methods and craftsmanship. All Becker instruments are crafted in Europe from mature European spruce and maple trees harvested from high elevation northern Carpathian forests. The tonewood is hand-selected, properly cut, stored and allowed to air dry and cure for a minimum of ten years. Such slow seasoning ensures that parts will maintain their shape for years to come.

At Becker’s Romanian workshop, the neck, pegbox and scroll are cut from a solid block of maple. Skilled craftsmen perform final hand carving and graduating of the tonewood. All purfling is painstakingly inlaid by hand. Corner blocks, neck and endpin blocks, full inside linings, bass bars and soundposts are carefully fitted. Well-seasoned ebony parts, standard on all Becker instruments, are installed. Varnishing, buffing and polishing are done by hand to ensure a rich luster. After final assembly, each Becker must pass inspection by a master craftsman before leaving the workshop.